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Wall Straightening

Wall Straightening and Correction

The soil in Southcentral Kansas is made up predominately of expansive clays which heave and swell when saturated with water and shrink when dry. If the ground becomes inundated with water, causing hydrostatic pressure, and exerts external inward pressure on foundation walls that could cause bowing in the middle, tilting on the top or sliding on the bottom. All of these will weaken your foundation walls.

Burnham Basement has the experience and ability to repair and straighten bowed walls and provide correctional value to better control external pressure, using steel "I" beam and anchor installation technology. Also using Helical Tiebacks or Helical Wall anchors to stabilize and or straighten and strengthen bowing walls

Steel Beam Vertical Wall Restraints is a method of employing a steel beam installed vertically against a wall and connected into the floor joists to the concrete slab surface. We use Engineered designed and tested methods of installation to provide investment security.
Wall Straightening and Correction