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Sump Pumps

Basements are built in excavated soils that can be poured directly on soil or have a gravel base over the soil. Either way, water can find a point of least resistance and migrate under the concrete slab. With out a proper way of escape, water then be absorbed by expansive clays and creating a heave in your floors, which is a threat to your basement's integrity.

Heaving can be as structurally damaging as any foundation problem with no simple solution.

Houses without sump pumps rely solely on a drain tile system to eliminate water from around the basement, possibly "gravity flow systems" that flow to daylight. Eventually, these drain type of systems clog and fail, with out constant maintenance. When they fail, water is trapped and backs up around the footing and eventually under the basement floor, where it is trapped without proper water exit management.

The net result is trapped water around your basement walls, foundation and under the basement floor, resulting in damage.

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sump pump