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While sometimes referred to it as "geotechnical lifting" or mudjacking, Polyurethane injections, is the process of lifting driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and more, our preferred method of fixing sunken concrete is the use of foam technology.

Polyurethane Foam has unique qualities that take the concept of mud jacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology. It lasts longer and the results aremore pleasing to the eye. It is environmentally safe, waterproof, quick and mess-free, less destructive to the applied installation area, and is a permanent solution.

"Mud-Jacking" is installed under high pressure and requires a 2" installation enrty port, where the installation of Polyurthane Foam requires a 5/8" entry port and installs under low pressure, that is less destructive and more controlled. Foam is lighter and strong.

Burnham Basement will inspect your foundation or concrete slab and provide an estimate for secure investment results, for your concrete lifting restoration needs.

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